Meet Our Models

We are so thankful for our models here at Emerald Oak. We hope that this section will help you on any sizing questions you may have. And of course you guys know that each product will have very descriptive fit advice and is typically shown on multiple body types. Download our free shopping app for the added bonus of fit videos and live sales! 

Meet Callan! She is our very first employee and you will see her in most model photos!

Callan is 5'9 and wears a size  S/2/4. 

Meet Brittani! When she is not busy working or studying she helps model for EOB! She is so sweet, and we always have such a blast taking pictures! 

Brittani is 5'2'' and wears a size S/4. 

Meet Anna Beth! We are basically neighbors and she will model when she has free time! How CUTE is this cardigan on her?! 

Anna Beth is 5'6 and wears a size XL/14/16. 

Meet Jennifer! When she is not busy with her kiddos and work she models for EOB! 

Jennifer is 5'9 and wears a size 2X/16/18.